Spa Experience

Spa Experience


All our guests have access to the Spa, located on the ground floor where they can enjoy not invasive or aggressive treatments, but highly therapeutic. We invite you to relax in an atmosphere of harmony and pleasure; the best way eliminating to fatigue and stress.

Our Spa offers a great variety of services to indulge yourself or indulge others, to enjoy alone or with someone else.

Here you can check what our services are about, so you can choose the one that you like the most, or is better for you or the one you need, and you can come here to enjoy them.


It’s a dry steam bath. There are several benefits such as the elimination of toxic residues of the skin and detox thanks to the dilatation of the pores, the muscles gain elasticity, and it relaxes muscles and joints soothing the pain in those areas. Besides of the relaxing effect experiences as soon as you sit and feel the heat.

Facial Cleasing

It’s a facial cleaning using cream or cleansing milk and a lotion, an exfoliation and a nutritive mask complete the cleansing, living your skin soft, clean, with a fresh sensation and renewed skin, clean and with a fresh sensation and with a renew skin. Relaxing massage: Consist in finding the spots where the tension sets in the muscle getting rid of those tensions massaging those areas softly and harmoniously pressing the spots producing a comfortable sensation and intense relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

It’s a massage in which the therapist applies more pressure on the tense areas. This massage consist in eliminate the muscle contraction caused by tension or stress, producing a comfortable sensation and soothing muscular pain, besides of preventing long term health problems and physical complications.

Express Massage

This relaxing or deep tissue massage of 30 minutes basically soothes pain and specific ache that is being suffered at that particular moment.


It is based on the theory of the existence of nerve terminals corresponding to specific points of the body that are in placed in our feet called reflex zones, which belong to all the areas, glands, organs and parts of the body. Working on those reflex zones produces a healthy response, settling the natural balance and harmonious functionality of the entire organism.

Lymphatic Drainage

It is a technic done with both hands making soft, slow and repetitive movements that favor the lymph’s circulation, helping in that way the improvement of edema symptoms, inflammations and organic liquid’s retention, cooperating closely with the immune system. Improves general health condition and plays a very beneficial role in the nerve system, besides of treating different specifics conditions.

Hot Stone Massage

It’s a therapy that combines therapeutic traditional massage with the application on the skin of stones with different application of stones with different temperatures on the skin helping the flow of vital energy, soothing physical and emotional disorders. As an advantage, this massage soothes and reduces pain, improves movement, removes skin toxins through sweating that is produce because of the stones’ temperature and improves the circulatory system, apart of relaxing the body and reducing stress.

Bamboo Cane Massage

This massage favors the venous return, improves lymph circulation as well as reduces the body liquid accumulation, stimulates the skin elasticity, decreases flabbiness, relaxes muscles and reduces fat accumulation. The movements of the bamboo canes on the skin produce a sedative effect over the nervous terminations and it is very effective as muscular relaxant.

Chocolate Therapy

It’s a technic in which chocolate is applied over the skin, allowing for it to absorb all the properties that it has to offer, among them, to moisturize, nourish and tone the skin up, fight cellulite, to decrease tension and the lack of vitality, to reduce fatigue and all the symptoms related to stress, to preserve your skin beauty, to improve your mood thanks to endorphins production, to detox the body, to provide vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and phosphorus, to increase blood circulation and reduce the swelling of blood veins. It has a drainage action, stimulates the natural collagen production, eliminate the dead cells from the skin, and fight the signs of aging.

Mud therapy

Consists in applying mud and clay mixed with water all over the body helping to reestablish its balance. It offers a refreshing, anti-inflammatory and healing effect, also a sedative and relaxing one as well as an astringent, ant seborrheic, cleansing, antibacterial and antiseptic effect, being ideal to clean pores, to give your skin a fresh, clean, relax look. It is used both for the face and the body.

Body exfoliation

It removes the dead skin cells, toxins and impurities of the epidermis, which accumulate daily over the skin surface. It is a treatment with abrasive products that soften, smooth and hydrate your skin to increase the blood and lymph circulation to the surface of the skin, helping to fight cellulitis and improving the skin tone.


It is a therapeutic discipline that uses the properties of the essential oils extracted of aromatic plants to reestablish the body and mind balance and harmony improving our health and beauty. It reduces stress, helps to resist insomnia, depression and anxiety, soothes pain due to its analgesic effects it is also an antihistamine and it improves our body defense. The oils are not ingested, they are inhaled or applied over the skin or they are used in the bathtub to promote physical as well as psychological comfort. In some occasions, it can be combined with massages.

Consult for our combined treatments

Facial Cleansing + Lymphatic Drainage / Facial Cleansing + Hot Stones / Facial Cleansing + Relaxing Massage / Facial Cleansing + Reflexology / Body Exfoliation + Chocolate Therapy or Mud Therapy + Bamboo Cane Massage / Body Exfoliation + Moisturizing + Lymphatic Drainage / Body Exfoliation + Chocolate Therapy or Mud Therapy + Relaxing Massage.

Express Day Spa

Length 90’. Sauna, Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage 60’ and Aromatherapy.

SkinCare Day Spa

Length 120’. Sauna, Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage 30’, Body exfoliation 60’ and Aromatherapy.

Relaxing Day Spa

Length 90’. Sauna, Hot Stone or Bamboo Cane Massage 60’ and Aromatherapy.

Revitalizing Spa Day

Length 90’. Sauna, Hot Stone Massage 30’, Reflexology 30’ and Aromatherapy.

  • NOTE: All Day Spa services for 2 persons simultaneously, only can be on Fridays from 2 to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm (reservation 48 hours prior to the Spa Day is needed).


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